Friday, February 27, 2009

Dinosaur or Behemoth?

I'm tired, so this will be a short and rambling post.

Tonight we watched a Ken Ham video "Dinosaurs: Genesis and the Gospel" which explained dinosaurs from a creation perspective rather than an evolution one.
And my sweet, precious Dino cried himself to sleep. And the blame is all mine.

Dino loves dinosaurs, and I mean LOVES them! He can name every one that he has ever learned about. His fascination started when he was between 2 and 3 and has actually declined some recently but is still there. He will often tell me he wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up.
While reading books about dinosaurs, Hub and I gently remind him that we don't believe that dinosaurs were around millions of years ago, or that they died out due to a comet, or that they weren't alive when humans were. But we never told him why we believe that way or what we actually believe about dinosaurs.

I guess it was partly because we didn't exactly know what we did believe. But a lady in our church has a passion for teaching others about what the Bible has to say about history. And we have learned a lot, which is why I showed Dino the video tonight.
I wasn't prepared for his reaction. He told me that he hadn't believed Hub and I when we told him the things we did. He said he believed a lie. And now that he knows the truth, he is heartbroken that he believed the lie. He threw his dinosaur pillowcased pillow off the bed and said he would never be a paleontologist.
And I am heartbroken for him. I tried to reassure him that he wasn't to blame. I tried to say all the right things but I don't know if I got through. I'll talk to him more in the morning and in the meantime, pray.

Oh, there are definitely some days I wish we could live out our lives in a bubble.