Monday, June 30, 2008


I've been having a tough few days. Hub has some things going on with his job that I can't fix. And what is really interesting to me, is that God is being very clear that my job right now is to just pray for him and let it go. And if you knew me personally, you'd know that that seems impossible.
But right now, God wants me to let go. I have to trust in God, to trust that He is in control and that He has Hub in the palm of His hand. I also have to trust Hub. Yikes! The things we have to do sometimes. Gulp!

There are some things I know for certain in my earthly life, one of them is that I can trust Hub. I trust him with every fiber of my being. But when it comes to matters of God, I am afraid that Hub isn't ready yet to trust God completely, to submit to His will. And that is where I have a hard time trusting Hub. It just so happens that in our Christian walk, I am a little bit further ahead. And I want to turn around and help Hub catch up. But I can't do it for him. And I can't drag him along either.
So right now, I am trying to tame my tongue and let Hub decide what moves he is to make. And I am not very good at it. I have a strong personality. And I tend to think that my way is the right way most of the time. When in all truth, if my way is the right way, it's only because God was right first and passed it along to me.

You know, God is so amazing. I started this post thinking about all the things Hub is doing wrong, and now, I realize it's me who's doing wrong. My job as a wife is to support my husband. I should be doing whatever I can to help him draw closer to God. I need to pray for him, I need to encourage him, I need to treat him with respect. And I don't do that nearly enough.
My husband is a wonderful man. He is kind-hearted, he is extremely loving, he is a terrific father, and he's my best friend. He is doing what he can to ensure that I am able to stay home with our children, even when sometimes it means he has to do something he doesn't like.
He's awesome and I love him so much. And I should tell him more often.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Prayer is such an effective tool to use for God. I just wish we would use it more. Right now I want to pray for my family, Hub especially, my church, that it will be filled with the Spirit, and for my friends. I have so many friends going through so many different struggles, from marriage issues, to worries for babies, born and unborn, to not being close to God. I pray for each of these things.

Tomorrow, when I'm fresh, and it's not so late, I want to post more, because I have grown so much this weekend.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Beginning

So, let's start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) and I'll introduce myself. I have no reason to believe that this blog will be the most popular one in the blogsphere but I have decided to be anonymous anyway.
With that in mind, I am Mae. I am in my late 30's and have been happily married to Hub for over 10 years. We have three wonderful sons, Dino is almost 6 and we have completed our first full year of homeschooling and he is the smartest kindergarten graduate I know; Frog, almost 4, is our second son and a very determined young man; finally, bringing up the rear is Monkey, our absolutely fearless baby, who was 1 in February.

This blog will probably be a mix of all kinds of topics I find interesting. And it will not be grammatically correct all the time, because I tend to type the way I speak, with lots of run-on sentences and incorrectly placed pauses and commas. I have already had to work at making sure that I teach the boys proper grammar and language knowing that I will be their main teacher. So while I may not type properly at all times, I will be doing my best to teach them correctly.

I will also be blogging about my faith. I have been a Christian for what feels like all my life, but it's only recently that I truly started desiring a close, personal relationship with Jesus. There are a lot of things I am learning and I don't always understand it all, so there are moments of wonder, fear, excitement, awe, amazement, concern, conviction, and all kinds of other emotions. And because I am human, I won't always appear to be the model Christian that people expect.

So, that's a bit about me. Not the whole story by any means, but a start.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My first blog! Wow! Have I really hit the big time!
I'm not sure what I want this blog to be about and if I want it to be for me only or others. Time will tell. Until then, I will just be dabbling and trying to figure out how things work.