Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh Happy Day! Now times two!

I am over the moon right now!! There's a new baby to love in this world!
A dear friend just called and her second daughter was born late last night.
What a great birthday present for me!
I'm so excited for the entire family.

Dear sweet baby girl,
I am so glad to know that you are here and that you arrived safely. It has been my great privilege to know your mother and be able to walk with her through the journey of you. You are a very loved little girl. I am looking forward to getting to know you over the years. Happy birthday little one!!
Love you tremendously,

*** And now, I am tickled pink (and blue) again!! On Friday, another friend had her family get even larger. She welcomed twins, a boy and a girl. And as with the other sweet girl, I am so looking forward to getting to know these two little ones. I have been blessed to know their mother and can't wait to watch them grow! ***

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What I really think about it...

I am tired of reading so much hatred against Christians. And I am tired of trying to fit into this world that seems to dislike me just for my beliefs. My first priority in this life is to live it as Christ would have me live it. And I have the manual He wanted me to use. It's a manual that isn't always easy to interpret, and many interpret it differently than I do. Some, many, interpret it wrong. I even do sometimes.
I have been struggling with how to live in this world and survive with others who don't share my beliefs. And I find myself losing sleep over the fact that others just don't "see" that I am not a bad person, but that I am trying to live as God wants me to. I was in the car and heard someone give a verse. And when I looked it up, a light bulb went off.

Galatians 1:10 Now am I trying to win the favor of men, or of God? Do I seek to please men? If I were still seeking popularity with men, I should not be a bond servant of Christ.

Wow! Guess if I had been paying more attention to what the bible had to say, God wouldn't have had to take me behind the woodshed!

I am a Christian; I believe that the bible is the inspired word of God and as such, every single word in it is true! Even when I don't understand why, it is still true. And to claim to be a Christian and not uphold the scripture would be a lie.
I don't get why some things are considered sin. There are a lot of things I have done, every single day, that are considered sins. But I am trying to learn and be aware and do my best not to commit those sins over and over again. Which is why, as a Christian, I cannot condone anyone doing anything that is a sin. While it is not my place to judge what is in someones heart, I can read what the bible has to say about something and decide how God would have me act.

For example, (and this is just an example, one that seems to be everywhere these days) In the bible, God is very clear about sexual immorality:
1 Corinthians 6:9-10 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.
And I believe that. So I cannot do anything that might condone that kind of behavior. Does it mean that I haven't committed those sins? No. I have. But because I am washed in the blood of the Lamb, I have asked for forgiveness and am now forgiven. If I continue to live in the sin, I will not be forgiven. But I cannot do anything that might cause another to fall into that sin. So, just from a worldly view, when things like politics come into play, I have to vote with my faith. It cannot be separated from who I am. If a political leader wants to legislate adultery, I would have to vote that it is a sin, and should be a crime. Maybe not punishable, but at least, if there was a situation where two people had an issue, the one who was not the adulterer should be given a leg up. The same goes for homosexuality. I know that people who are homosexuals can be wonderful, loving people; good parents; good friends; productive members of society. But God says that homosexuality is wrong. And for me to say that it's okay would be like slapping Him in the face. In this world, it would be easy for me to turn my head and act like nothing is a big deal. But it is to God.
I don't always get it but it's hard to argue with the bible.

I also want to add one more scripture.
Romans 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Regardless of what may be acceptable to the world, if something isn't acceptable to God, I am against it. I have to be. I couldn't live with myself if I weren't.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He's Alive!


God With Us – Mercy Me
Who are we, that You would be mindful of us?
What do You see, that's worth looking our way?
We are free, in ways that we never should be.
Sweet release, from the grip of these chains.
Like hinges straining from the weight, my heart no longer can keep from singing.

All that is within me cries.
For You alone be glorified Emmanuel, God with us.
My heart sings a brand new song.
The debt is paid these chains are gone.
Emmanuel, God with us.

Lord You know, our hearts don't deserve Your glory.
Still You show, a love we cannot afford.
Like hinges straining from the weight, my heart no longer can keep from singing.

All that is within me cries.
For You alone be glorified Emmanuel, God with us.
My heart sings a brand new song.
The debt is paid these chains are gone.
Emmanuel, God with us.

Such a tiny offering, compared to Calvary, nevertheless we lay it at your feet.
Such a tiny offering, compared to Calvary, nevertheless we lay this at your feet.

All that is within me cries.
For You alone be glorified Emmanuel, God with us.
My heart sings a brand new song.
My debt is paid these chains are gone.
Emmanuel, God with us.

Wow! I can not ever say enough to begin to compare to what God has already given me through His son, Jesus. Words won't ever be enough. I can praise Him all my days, and live my life for Him.

Lord, all that I am, I give to You. I want to serve You in whatever way You want me to; to praise You every day; to talk to You without ceasing; to love You with all that I am.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Filed under general

Just felt like doing a general update kinda thing. Or rather, just felt the need to clear my head.

My little monkey has been a bit under the weather lately. He has been extremely clingy and mommy-oriented. And while I am loving all the extra cuddle time, the whining and throwing monster temper tantrums has gotten a bit much. Today, I brought him in from the porch and he threw himself on the floor, kicking, flailing, screaming at the top of his lungs, and generally pitching the biggest tantrum I have ever personally experienced from one of my children. It was so not fun. I ended up holding him in my lap to calm him down. I begged, I pleaded, I sang, I tried everything I could think of to get him to stop (for the love of all that is right in the world, and my ears, oh my goodness, the screaming was loud) except the one thing I knew would work- taking him back outside. I refused to give in; I do have my standards after all.

But finally, when it occurred to me to sing a different song, he quieted. The song that worked for the king of all tantrum throwers? Larry Boy. Not the original theme song, but the one from the Bad Apple. It used to be Monkey's favorite movie. Now, he only likes the song. I had forgotten exactly how much. Once I started singing, only a few words in, he got completely still. It took singing it four times through before he was finally calm enough to actually get off my lap.

And then, after bath, he fell asleep in my arms, almost an hour before bedtime. Sigh, I guess I didn't realize how under the weather he's been feeling.

Isn't he precious?

Then, there's my stubborn middle son, Frog. Last night, I told him to go take a bath, and he said he wanted to take a shower. But I told him I already had the bath water so it was a bath night. He started crying like his world was falling apart. I took his clothes off and put him in the tub. Then I went and got my mother because I was at the end of my rope with him. He's really hit a stage of "I want to be in charge" and I don't like it so much. But then, he can be so very sweet. He gives me kisses and cuddles all the time. He is definitely my touchy-feely boy. He has a blanket, oh my, is it worn. But he loves it. That and his thumb. I'm trying to get better about not letting those two out of the bedroom. So far, I'm not winning. I'm thinking about trying one of those ointments that you put on the thumb that tastes bad, but I think Frog is too hard-headed. He'd probably just go wash it off.

He started soccer a few weeks ago. The first practice, he sat on the ground, leaning on Hub for the first half of practice. The second practice, my mom took him. She got her first taste of being the weird homeschooler. One of the moms was talking to her and school came up. Mom said we homeschooled, and she said that the other woman didn't reply and walked off. Niiiice.

Mom said he was slow to warm up to practicing that time, too. So, when he had his first game last Saturday, I wondered whether he would actually play. Imagine my surprise (and delight) when he turned out to be a ringer. This is the first time he has played any sports, and he played like he had been doing it all his 4 1/2 years. He scored two goals in the first 3 minutes of the game! He had a blast! Hub and I aren't sports people, so we wondered what the boys would be like in that respect. Dino is probably going to be like his parents but the other two, not so much. In any case, I am just glad Frog enjoyed himself.

We have been doing some schoolwork here and there. I have a pre-K curriculum for him from Sonlight. He likes it. We don't do it on a daily basis. Sometimes, we do several days at once, sometimes, we go a few weeks without doing anything. But he is eager to learn right now, though a perfectionist. He will sit and work on writing the alphabet and if a letter isn't perfect, he will try again and again. When he was first learning to write his name, he would get so frustrated because he couldn't make the S come out the way he wanted. Even now, the S is backwards, but he has learned to let that one slide.

And I am learning to let some things slide, too. I keep comparing Frog to Dino. Logically, I know they are different, but I keep saying (to myself and Hub) Dino could/couldn't do this at this age. I do it more with the school work because I remember doing some of the same worksheets with Dino and he was not as physically coordinated at this stage. And I am realizing even more that they are different and Monkey is, too, and that as their teacher (and especially as their mom) I have to remember and appreciate their differences, and learn what their strengths and weaknesses are in order to help them. I'm getting there.

Then there's my Dino. Oh my, how much that boy is growing up. And he's getting so independent. He wants to do so much for himself. Not always things I want him doing for himself, but wow! The fact that he wants to is so amazing! The thing that makes me nuts right now is going to the bathroom (in public) by himself. Ahhhhh!!!!! I only let him at church, and even then, I am right there. I'm not sure at what age I will feel like it's safe for him to go into a mens room all alone, (8, 10, 12, never?) but I don't think 6 is old enough. It is hard that he looks much older than six, but I still think of him as my little baby.

And goodness, he's not a baby anymore! Next week, he'll be taking his first year-end school test. Legally, I haven't even had to register as a homeschooler (will do that this summer), but I wanted to go ahead and test him to just see where we are. At the moment, I can't remember which tests we're using. A friend, who is our homeschool group's unofficial leader, ordered the tests and will be administering Dino's. I'm nervous for him, but I know that he will be fine. He is one smart little fella. I talked to a friend who teaches first grade in one of the local schools. From what she said, he is right on track, if not a bit ahead in some areas. Being that I am so new to homeschooling, I have been worried that I am not doing everything I need to, but I am starting to realize that sometimes, I just have to chill out. I need to trust that I am doing it right. I trust that God has let us know that this is the right decision for our family, so I have to trust that He knows I can do it.
And Dino is so bright! He wanted to read to us tonight. He got out his Bible Reader and went to the Resurrection story. (something we have not read yet) He didn't know every single word, but he has an amazing ability to get a word using context. Tonight, he read "You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you." We had never gone over receive and he got it anyway, first time!
I'm telling you, I have three jenious jenius genious genius sons!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Know One God

Ever heard of Wordle? It's really neat. You put in a lot of words and it gives you a word cloud. I can sit for quite awhile just messing. Tonight, I put in my blog url and got this word cloud:

Wordle: Know One God

I was struck with the biggest three words and how they jumped out at me.

Know One God
How awesome is that? I couldn't have planned it better if I tried. And I have tried before with wordle. ;)
Had to play some more, cause I am a bit picky. The first wordle wasn't quite right. This one is a bit better.
Wordle: Know just One God

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Someday soon, I am going to get around to a few more posts I have brewing in my head. One on homeschooling; one on having faith in the tough times; one on changing the way I react to something rather than expecting the other person to change; you know, just some light and easy topics!
Right now, I'm just so stinkin' excited that the new Sonlight catalog is out, and on its way to me!!!
I am thinking about switching back, after a year away, and now that I've almost 100% made up my mind, I can't wait to get the catalog so I can make my plans! And let me tell you, there is nothing like opening up a box with new curriculum and a bunch of books!!!!!! I wish I could order stuff right now! I love books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting nuts just thinking about it!!!!!
I haven't read as much to the boys this year. Last year, when Dino was in kindergarten, we read almost every night before bed. There were some awesome read-alouds with Sonlight's CoreK curriculum. And we picked out some extra books ourselves as well. But this year, since it wasn't laid out for me very specifically with the other program we picked, I wasn't as disciplined. And knowing that, I have to switch back. I love Sonlight and because I had such a good experience with Pre-K and K, I can't see any good reasons not to use it. Hub and I talked and agreed that since the main reason we even switched for first grade was the money, it wasn't worth it to not switch back.
Oh, I'm talking in circles. I just wish I could convey how exciting it is to me to envision that big box of books I'll be getting once I place my order. Do you know how much I love to read? And how much I love a new book? Can you tell??????!!!!!?????
Have I used enough exclamation points in this post??
And did I just do the homeschooling post I was talking about in the first paragraph?
Ummm, yeah. And I should really be in bed since it is after midnight, and I am making no sense anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!