Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home again!

I'm home for a bit, only to be gone again in a few days.
I really have so much I want to blog about but so little time these days.

Considering getting rid of cable for the tv and just having the computer. Trying to keep the boys from watching too much tv and from being on the computer too much. Really want to just put them in a box and shelter them from the whole world.
But I know we can't do that.

I'm also getting nervous about my trip this week. I am going to meet up with some friends that I met online. We met when we were all pegnant with our little ones who are now about 18 months old. We met on a site and I didn't post much during pregnancy. But when we went to another place for just us, I got to know some great women. And then a few of us (12 in all) left that site and started one. It is now just us 12 and all the women are Christian, which is hard to find online sometimes. We have shared so much since our little ones were born. And somehow, 8 of us are getting together!!! I'm so excited!
Very nervous, too. I'm taking Monkey and leaving the other boys home. We're flying and I'm not sure how Monkey will do.
I have been so blessed by these women and have tried to bless in return. And I am so anxious to meet them this week.

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