Monday, August 4, 2008


Man, here I go and start a blog and never update it! So here goes a big, fat update!

I have some great friends! When I went to visit my friends a couple of weeks ago, I found myself surrounded by women who were incredible! These were women I had never met in person before but I felt a strong, intimate connection to them immediately! We have been chatting online for almost two years now and we share the most personal details of our lives. So, while I had never touched them in the flesh, I have touched, and been touched by them through the heart. We have shared many pictures of ourselves and our families, so when I got off the airplane, and found two wonderful women (and three adorable little girls) waiting for me at baggage claim, I knew them immediately. And they were even more wonderful than I had expected!
The thing that totally blew me away was that I was not self-conscious at all! I was with 7 other women, all of whom were shorter and much thinner than I, and I did not worry about what I looked like the entire time! I even wore a bathing suit; something I have not done in almost six years!!
We were all able to just sit and talk and be totally free with each other. The hardest part was having to say goodbye. I feel like I have truly made friends for life.
And to think, I met them all on the Internet. That sounds so bizarre!

And then, this past Friday, Hub and I had a date night. We don't get those very often, and usually even when we plan one, something comes up. This time, we bought tickets to go see Steven Curtis Chapman, and once we had the tickets, well, we couldn't not go.
Let me just say, I haven't been to a concert in years. And the last one I went to was, oh my goodness, Richard Marx at Carrowinds in the early 90's. Yikes! And I've never been to a Christian concert.
Well, let me say, I will be going to more in the future!
So, back to SCC... we arrived at the concert, which was at the Biltmore House just before sunset.

And now, I must end this blog. I hate to stop now, but I must. I do have more to say about the concert, so I will continue tomorrow.

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