Thursday, June 11, 2009

Babies, baseball, boxes, boys, and bunnies, oh, and chickens!

So, things have been crazy here this week. I got a new niece. And got to have her brother and sisters visit for a couple of days. They came on Sunday and left on Tuesday. On Monday, one of the girls went with my mom to feed chickens at a neighbors house. (This is something we do every day. We get most of the eggs and our neighbors get to not have to worry about feeding the chickens. Works well!) Mom and S are at the coop and Hub and I are getting ready to go to Dino's last baseball game of the season. His team finished second in regular season and they were playing the final end-of-season tournament game.

Mom was gone in plenty of time to feed the chickens and come home before we had to leave for the game. But she didn't come back. Hub ended up leaving and I was still home with the remaining four children. Mom didn't show and didn't show and I got worried. And truthfully, a bit peeved. I was imagining missing the last game and feeling sorry for myself. But she finally got home and my niece was filthy! And a bit upset. She had locked mom in the coop and mom was stuck for over an hour! The neighbors finally came home and heard mom beating pans together. Funny story we'll share in our family forever, but it doesn't seem to come off so funny here. Oh well.

So that was the fun of Monday. Tuesday, the cousins left and then I got some boxes in the mail. Box Day!!!!! I have been looking forward to this for months! Ever since I decided to go back to Sonlight, I have been looking forward to getting some new stuff. It was so fun to open the boxes and look at all the books. Oh my, if you are a book lover like I am, it was delightful!! Even the boys loved it.

Before I could even get a good look, they were right in the boxes.

One book after another was picked up and oohed and aahed over.

Until finally, one was picked to look at more closely.

I truly hope that I am raising some life-long readers here. I love to read and I think it will be wonderful if my three little critters will be the same.

I was thrilled that they were so happy to get some new books, even "school" books. We even had to start reading Charlotte's Web right away.

One of my favorite times is our evening reading sessions. We started when Dino was about five. We have read some wonderful books. This is one of the best things about Sonlight for me. It gives me an excuse, and a reading list, so I can sit down every night and snuggle and read to the boys. It's something I will treasure always.

And to bring this all over the place post home, I will talk about the bunny. (In my head, I am singing a VeggieTales song right about now. And now, just cause it's so funny to me, I have to link to it. VeggieTales ) (and boy, I really wish I knew how to embed this video in my post...)

We found a baby rabbit outside today. Don't know if it will live, but we are giving it a try. So far, things are looking good. We got him (don't know if it's really male, but we call him him) to eat good for us this evening. It would be wonderful if he made it and we could set him free in a few weeks, but we'll see. It has made me ready to get the boys a pet of some kind, other than our outdoor cat. Something small, in a cage, a hamster, guinea pig, or something. We'll see.

But the bunny, well, he's adorable!

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Luke said...

Happy Box Day!

As for the story about your mom, I'm the same way: Feeling sorry for myself until I learn that the other person was trapped in the coop. Way to stuck on myself. Glad you have a great story now and made it to the game okay [smile].