Friday, September 4, 2009

A week (or two) in review

Week 2 of school down, and I think it's going well. We've sort of established a routine. School starts at 9. I am very lucky to have my mom. I start with Frog and she starts with Dino. Monkey runs around a bit. We begin with Language Arts stuff. Frog is done in short order and Dino needs more time. Each boy gets a bit of a break, depending on how long they take to finish their work, and how long each one fusses and complains before starting. (sigh) Then we have some math time.
I started Dino on Singapore Math this year. So far, I have really liked it. It has been review so far, but I like how the concepts are taught. It's an interesting way to look at math. I am a math person. When I was in middle school, they started offering algebra to students who seemed to need more depth in math. I think that's when I first realized that math is fun! Then in high school, I took geometry, algebra II, pre-calculus and calculus. And not once did I lose my interest in all things math. And when the sudoku puzzles came on the scene, I was definitely hooked.

Dino seems to have my talent for math, but he doesn't really like it yet. But I feel like he will do very well. And parents know best after all, don't they? (wink) My mother told me that I should go to school for accounting way back when I was 18 and I laughed. It only took me until I was 25 to realize she was right. And I was 33 by the time I finally graduated from college with an accounting degree. Really wish I would've listened to her sooner. Not that it matters now. I wouldn't change where I am now for anything!

So, back to school. After math, we have a snack break, which is the boys favorite time. Then comes some history. I am thrilled with Sonlight's books on history. I like that the focus is on world history. Dino, and even Frog to some extent, have an amazing grasp on the fact that we here in the US are not alone in this world. We discuss missionarys quite a bit, too, so the boys are able to see that though we live here, the entire world is our mission field. And they love to learn more about other cultures. I am really pleased with the fact that they are enjoying history.

Science is another big hit with them as well. But who doesn't love to learn about God's beautiful creations? We love to go outside and explore and find creepy crawlies and butterflies, and especially praying manti mantis' mantises (?).

Then, let's see, Bible reading brings us up to nap time. Each of the boys reads a bit from the Bible and they each have a memory verse a week. Frog really enjoys this just about the most. He loves to read the Bible. And yes, that makes me so happy!

This schedule leaves out a lot, but there are little things here and there that just fit into one of the other categories. Like when Dino reads from one of his readers. Right now, he's reading books set in the 1800's in America. So even though our history is focused on the world, while learning to read, Dino is also learning about US history. And I love listening to him read. I am amazed that he seems to have picked it up so quickly but my mother assures me that most kids do once they get going, and that my child isn't spectacular at this. But I know that he really is. ;) I am also amazed that I taught him to read. Me!!!! And I am amazed that more people don't think they can homeschool. It's not really all that difficult. If you can find a program that works for you, it's not hard. And I get to watch my children's faces light up when they learn something new. It's a wonderful feeling!

We have also picked back up our habit of reading in the evening. Right now, we are reading "Red Sails to Capri" and Dino begs for "just one more chapter" every night. I love that they are learning to love reading. Reading opens the doors for so much and I truly want them to read with a passion.

So, I really only have one more thing to work on to make it all go smoother, I need to get to bed earlier! And, I haven't acomplished that tonight, but I don't have to teach tomorrow either! But I am working on it. So, with that, goodnight!

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