Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Little of This...

You know, I don't really know what I want to say right now. I had plans to come sit down at the computer tonight and that somehow the words were just going to flow. But I did a little of this and a little of that and I never made it here. And now, eh, I'm really not in the mood.

But I feel like there's something I need to say. I'm scratching my head and still coming up empty. Maybe just posting tonight will get me back in the swing of blogging and then I'll figure out what I really want to say. Who knows.

I will talk about what's been going on around here. I've been doing a ton of reading. I'm reading a couple of books for group discussions; we started back to school after an almost 4 week break; and I started a new bible reading program: Read the Bible in 90 Days.  So, umm, yeah, a lot going on just with me. I don't know what I am thinking committing to so much at one time. I'm a bit crazy, but I am actually enjoying every minute of it.

The two books I'm reading are Crazy Love by Francis Chan and Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World by David Jeremiah.
Crazy Love is wonderful!! It's actually an easy read but it makes you (me anyway) look closer at your life, see if you are loving God with the kind of crazy love you should be. (For the record, I'm not. But I think that if I said I was, I would be satisfied and I don't think I should ever be satisfied with how close I am to God. I should always desire to be closer to Him.)
One part that is touching me right now is when it's talking about how we just add God on to the end of the day. We pray for a few minutes right before we go to bed, or we give a few dollars on Sunday after spending hundreds during the week. We serve Him leftovers. But this line touched me so much: "But the fact is that nothing should concern us more than our relationship with God."
I think we forget about that way too often. We put so many other things first. Often, we're doing good things. It's not bad to teach our children about God; it's not bad to be at church every time the door is open; it's not bad to say yes every time someone asks for help. It's easy to think that we are doing exactly what God wants us to be doing. It's also easy to see that neglecting our families, stealing, lying, lusting, and all those "big" sins are wrong. It's a lot harder to see that little things that we do that make us put God in second place, even when those things are good, well, that's called sin. No pretty way to say it. It's sin, and God hates sin.

So, ummm, yeah, I should be doing everything I can to put God first, and all the "stuff", even when the stuff is important stuff, it needs to be second. God should always be first. He's the reason I live, it's the least I can do to put Him first.

Now, for those two readers that I have that aren't Michelle ;-) head on over to her blog and read the wonderful post she just made. It literally brought me to tears. God has given her a gift. And she is using it to His glory. I admire you Michelle, and I am trying to find out what gifts God has given me so that I may use them like you have. You've got some crazy love going on and it's beautiful to see!!

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