Saturday, September 20, 2008


Time seems to move by so fast sometimes. A week goes by and I think just a day or two has passed.
Dino and Frog have swim lessons right now; Monday and Wednesday, at the Y. They start at 5 and end at 6:30. Frog goes first, then Dino. I get in the pool and entertain the other while the other other is having a lesson. Wait, back up, did you read that right? I get in the pool! That means I put on a swimsuit!!!! Before this summer, I had not had on a swimsuit since I was pregnant with Dino, back in 2002. Yikes! I do not look good in a swimsuit. But I decided it was more important to swim with the boys than to maintain some misplaced sense of dignity.
So, Monday and Wednesday, we have swim lessons. And Monday, Hub has bible study, so by the time we get home from swimming, he has gotten home, showered, eaten and left again. Tuesday is a normal day, generally speaking. Thursday is our busy day. We have a homeschool group meeting. Last week, we had a Spanish lesson; the week before, we went on a field trip. This coming Thursday, I am doing a science experiment. Yikes!!! I still have to get all my stuff together for that! But, to get back to the busyness, Thursday evening, mom and I have bible study. Hub gets home and gets a quick shower and then I leave. Often, I don't get home until after he's in bed. Then Friday is usually a normal day. Saturday's are always up for grabs. Sometimes Hub works, sometimes not. And then Sunday's are always full. We go to Sunday School and church in the morning, somehow manage a bite to eat and a nap in the afternoon. And in the evening, it's back to church. During the public school year, we have AWANA. The kids all love it. Hub helps out with the 3rd-6th graders. My mom helps out with the 3-4 year olds, and I go to a prayer group meeting for the first hour and church for the second hour.
Phew! I'm out of breath just thinking about it all. And that is just talking about the evenings.

Hub works four 10 hour days a week. His normal schedule is Mon-Thurs, 7-5. But he will occasionally work Friday and Saturday. He works outside so if there's is too much rain, he has to miss work, so it will be made up Friday or Saturday. And those days work as comp time for him if there aren't rain days in a week. And he has a part-time job as well. The pt job is in a retail store. He will work maybe 20-30 hours a month. But with the holiday season coming up, he can work more. The past month, we have had a lot of rain, so he has missed several days of work. He's gotten paid by using his comp time, but we were hoping to save it up. But he has also gotten to work at his pt job during the rain, which has been a huge blessing!

So, this pointless blog entry has accomplished nothing I set out to accomplish. I intended to write about homeschooling. I guess I can start now.
This year, Dino is in first grade. Last year, we used Sonlight curriculum. I really liked it. I liked that it was laid out for me, day by day, and told me exactly what to do. And I liked that it was literature based because I like to read. But it is very expensive. So I wanted to look at some other options. I decided to try My Father's World this year. It is much less expensive, which is nice, and it also lays everything right out there, telling me what to do when. It does rely more on the public library for the literature, which is why it is less expensive than Sonlight. And that has been the one drawback for me. We don't get to the library very often. It's hard when there are at least 5 children (4 of whom need carseats all the time) here every day and other things to occupy your time. I haven't yet figured out how to make a weekly trip to the library. But we'll get there. In the meantime, we have plenty of books here to read. I love books! And I would love to buy every book we use for homeschooling, but it isn't practical, or economical. So we'll make it to the library more often!

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Luke said...

Buying books can really add up. May you find a rhythm that allows you to make it to the library. But if something changes, remember, Sonlight is here to make things easier and build a home library your family can enjoy over and over again.

I look forward to reading about your homeschooling adventures in the days ahead!