Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Days

Well, today was day two of the new school years around these parts. And if I didn't have a cold, I think it would be going better. And if I weren't wrapping presents and making a cake, I think things would be going better. Dino's birthday is tomorrow and we're having his special dinner (pizza, which I am so thankful for since it means that I don't have to cook) and cake and presents tonight. And I'm tired.

But really, school is going well. It's an adjustment this year. Dino is in 2nd grade and Frog has started Kindergarten. Last year, we were much more informal. I was able to fit Dino's work in here and there. But now, his is much more detailed and Frog needs much more attention than last year. Which all leaves Monkey out in the cold. He is not happy. But he will adjust, we all will, and we'll find a routine that suits us all.

One thing that hindered our progress today was that we forgot the most important thing of all. We forgot to pray this morning before we started. In only two days of school, I have already learned the most important lesson: Everything works better when started in prayer.


I just finished the cake.

Can you guess what Dino wants to be when he grows up? Or why his nickname here is Dino?

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