Sunday, April 18, 2010

I am not a female: Update

Okay, so in my 100th post a few days ago, we (and yes, I am using the royal "we") discussed the fact that I might not really be a female.
Well, I have decided that in fact, I am indeed a female. I bought something and used it and it convinced me that lurking under my not girly-girl exterior is an honest to goodness girl!
In honor of my upcoming *gasp* 39th birthday, I bought myself something I had been wanting to try for some time. But because I am not a girly-girl, I considered it a frivolous item that would probably collect dust, so I would never indulge myself.
That has all changed now. I bought myself a hair straightener. And it is marvelous!!! I love it!
How much do I love it you ask? Well, I took a picture of myself, you know, the un-beautiful one, the me that I have a hard time seeing the way that God sees me. Yup. I took a picture and while I still don't immediately say "beautiful" when I look at it, I do see that my hair is gorgeous! And even though I have a sunburn from spending time out at the ball field, I can begin to see what God sees in me. Okay, I will even admit to being able to see some beauty here. I am me, wife to a wonderful man, mom to amazing kids, and a daughter of the Most High King. And, well, that makes me a Princess, so I guess I have to at least admit that I am a female. (Ha!)


Michelle said...

Your hair looks fabulous. And your face is definitely sun-kissed. :)

Great job.

Female is right. Beautiful is right. Thanks for being my friend.

Rachel said...

I love your hair.

And, I must say, I agree your face has a radiant glow. I have a very freckly face. Once the sun hits my face I'm literally covered in my kids delight!

Thank you for your kind comment on my post. I appreciate it.