Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just a moment...

I only have a minute, it's late and I must sleep.
But I am trying to make this blog something. I really want to write down what is going on in my life. And I keep pushing it to the side.

But so much is going on here right now.
My mother in law passed away on February 10. Thank God that Hub was able to be there with her. We got home over the weekend, and Hub went back to work on Monday, the 16th, only to be laid off. Niiiiice.

We've dealt with sickness since then, and just plain old bummed out feelings. And then, tonight, Hub got a call that his uncle, his mom's last sibling, died today. Hard to take it all in.

God is taking care of us; we are, as always, in the palm of His hand. Things will be okay. We are loved.

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