Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh the weather outside

Is delightful!! For the first time in years, we have a measureable snowfall in our yard!! I'm as excited as the kids! We have had a wonderful snow day. Now, I am just praying that no trees go down and cause damage. One fell already this afternoon, but it was one that was leaning anyway and just fell in the "woods" in our yard. (we have no actual woods, just a place with more trees, but we call it the woods)
Our power has blinked several times this evening. I'm less concerned about the power going than something falling and hitting the house or one of the cars.
But God will take care of us.

I took pictures throughout the day. Here is a series of the tree we had on the porch for Christmas.

8 am:

10 am:

12 pm:

4 pm:

7 pm:

We got about 9 inches here, and areas around us got 10, 12, and more. The weather forecast is for a few more inches overnight. Should be interesting tomorrow.
Thank God that Hub was able to make it to and from work today. And we pray that the roads will be fine for him tomorrow.

In closing, here is one last picture. It is my favorite of the day. I could just squeeze each one of those pink cheeks!


Michelle said...

WHOA, SNOW! WOW! I didn't think there was that much snow! That doesn't happen very often there, does it??


Terri said...

I love your pics every hour....and you still need to send out New Year Cards with the boys pic on it!