Thursday, October 1, 2009

Worries about my boys

Tomorrow, Dino has to go to the dentist.
His first ever appointment was last week. I am not a good taking my child to the dentist mom. And I don't dislike the dentist. I went a ton when I was younger and had all kinds of things done. So there is no fear of the dentist here. But I just don't think to do it. And I'd plan to call and never manage it.
Until last week. Dino had been complaining about his tooth hurting. I looked in his mouth and saw a new molar growing and assumed it was just that. Then, last week, I looked closer because he was still in pain. His new molar is growing in crooked and one corner of it is growing underneath one of the "baby" molars beside it. This created a pocket where he couldn't brush as well and he had an infection.
Ugh. I felt so bad. So now he has to have one tooth pulled and a spacer put in to help the molar grow straighter and keep space for another molar to come later.
Tomorrow is the day. I pray that it goes well.

And Frog is on my heart so much right now. He has recently developed a fearful personality. In the past, he was not especially fearful. He liked to stay nearby whoever he went somewhere with, or have mama in sight, but he wasn't what I would call fearful.
But in the last six months he has become so. He won't sleep in his room at night. He sleeps with my mom and step-dad. He gets hysterical if we try to have him sleep in his room. Even though he sleeps in the same bed with Dino and Monkey is in the room, too. He also won't stay in a room by himself. We have a somewhat open floor plan in the house. And we mainly stay in one end of the house during the day. But if both my mom and I are in the back of the house, Frog will not stay in the front. He has to be where we are.
Today, I took him with me to the store. On the way home I stopped to get gas. I stood right beside his window to pump and when I opened the door to get my purse, he was crying hysterically. He told me he didn't like being alone in the car. I felt so bad for him. All the way home we talked about it. I told him he could talk to God and God would be there and help him. He said, "But I can't see Him. I can't feel Him. How do I know He's here?"
I really don't know how to answer him sufficiently. I did tell him to pray and ask God to be there and be still and feel with his heart. I told him that sometimes I am afraid and I pray and have faith that God is there.
I asked Frog if he knew what faith is. He said, "It's when a big truck goes over a bridge and I know that the bridge is going to hold it and not fall."
Wow!. I love him so much and want so badly to help him through this but I feel like I am failing. I am praying so hard for him to not have this spirit of fear. I want to break this from him. And I'm not entirely sure how I can.
I will keep praying. And talking to him. And praying some more.
Ugh, this parenting thing is hard.

Then there's Monkey. Sheesh. That boy tires me out. Plum tires me out.
And yep, that is all for tonight. He just went to sleep after what had to be the 28th time I tucked him back in. And it's way passed (past? my brain isn't working so well in the grammar area tonight) his bedtime and should be way past mine. (one of each)

Good night, and God bless.

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