Thursday, November 26, 2009

The one where I just babble

Okay, so I am not going to post anything with real meat. But how about some pictures? Pictures are always good. Here are some that the boys insisted I take of their blocks.

Frog was so proud of his "castles". He made several. And Dino made the ones below. It's so amazing to me how different they are. Frog made 3D creations and Dino's are flat. But they are all wonderful!

Okay, this one I just couldn't resist because, I mean seriously, doesn't he look like just the cutest little redneck boy you've ever seen, wearing his daddy's shoes and hat? And didn't I just write the longest run-on sentence in the world?

And for good measure, one more of the hawk. Which still isn't gone, but I haven't spiked it up lately. Hub says it looks like Dino has a dead squirrel on his head. It will be cut tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Jackiedlc said...

Thank YOU Mae.. God Bless you..

Loving the Mohawk :) and red WOOO WHOO..