Friday, November 6, 2009

Random thoughts

Have you ever thought about a word and wondered about it? And said it so many times, over and over, that it lost its meaning?

Today, I was thinking about the word bored. The boys will often come up to me and say, "I'm bored." (To which I usually reply, "Well, then, go and find something to do.")

But I started thinking about the actual word. Bored. Bored. Board. They sound the same, don't they? But all three words are different. I'm bored. He bored a hole in that tree. That board is splitting in half.
Wow. Cool. I like things like that. I find it interesting. But it is very hard to teach someone to read and spell with so many unique words in the English language.

Grocery. How would you say that phonetically? I'm teaching Frog to read and we say each letter's sound in order to read. But then, Dino is learning to spell. He can read exceptionally well, but his spelling needs some help. Grocery is one of his words this week. Another word is spry. That one is easier because it's still phonetic in pronunciation. But grocery? Nope.

Fun, huh? Things that make me think.

And oh, I almost forgot. My theme for the month, thankfulness. I'm thankful I have a mind that can even think of these things. I love word puzzles, number puzzles, just puzzles in general. And without a mind, I would have no luck figuring out puzzles. So, thank you Lord, for giving me a mind of my own to learn and reason with, and to solve puzzles.

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