Thursday, March 18, 2010

God has a sense of humor!

See what I got in the mail today??
Now, who wants to convince me that God does not have a sense of humor? I laughed extremely hard when I got these wonderful cupcakes in the mail. My sweet, wonderful, lovely secret sister sent them to me. What's even funnier to me is imagining her face when she read my blog post on Monday and realized that she'd just sent me cupcakes! The thought of it tickles me!
Now, guess what happened to the cupcakes?

My mother ate one of them. And I ate the other. Yep, I did. And I don't feel a bit guilty.
See? This positive thinking thing is going to work out. I have not failed. My "diet" is not ruined. Things are not doomed. I ate a cupcake. So what? Guess what I did right today? I drank 80 oz of water, one less cup of coffee than yesterday, and a glass of milk. So, my liquid intake is getting better. And I ate better throughout the day, too. So, I am headed in the right direction. And I refuse to let a cupcake derail me.

So, bring it on! Errr, but please, don't send anymore of those delicious cupcakes!!!


Mr. and Mrs. B said...

HA HA!!! I bet your SS is rolling on the floor laughing and embarrased all at once :) Oh well...they are good though, aren't they! My SS sent some to me for my birthday last year! YUMMY!!
Glad you had a good water day! Baby steps mama!

Sailor and Co said...


Laura said...

Those cupcakes look GOOD! A little treat doesn't hurt! And 80 oz of water?! Good for you! That is incredible!!!! :) :)