Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wow! *update*

I am completely overwhelmed by you guys! I cannot even express to you what it means to me that you are willing to help me along this journey. I am humbled by your thoughts, prayers, kind words, emails, comments here, comments on FB, etc. So much love coming my way and I can feel it all.
My APTCH girlies, well, you guys know that you all rock, and that my heart is forever yours. And I can't wait until our next get-together, whenever it may be, because then you guys will all get to see the new and improved me. Yep, I'm thinking positively now!

So, here's what I'm gonna talk about right now, my goals for right this minute.
Part of me wants to just stop eating. Seems so logical, right? Lose weight by not eating.
Ummmm, yeah, not gonna work. Then my next thought was to seriously cut down on my eating. Again, not the best plan right this very minute. Sounds good in theory, but I've been down this road before. I drastically change my eating habits for about two weeks. Then I slip and then it's easier to slip again, then I just give up. You know the cycle. I've been here before, many, many, many times before. But not this mindset. And I don't want to let go this time. My mind is different. Anyway, I am going to talk about that later. And much more that I need to talk about.

But right now, my goals and plans.
This week, water, water, water. I usually drink coffee, tea, juice, milk, and soda. Most of the time, I average about one soda a day. I might drink two a day, then nothing, then three one day. I'm not really "addicted" to soda in that I need it everyday. But I still need to cut it out. I am however, addicted to coffee.
But, what I am concentrating on this week is adding water. Monday and Tuesday, I got 60 oz each day. Today, I want to up it to 70, hopefully to be at 100 by the end of the week. As I increase the water, I'm  decreasing the other drinks. I hope to be at no soda by next week, only a glass of tea for dinner, no juice, and just a little milk. But I am not stopping coffee yet. Too much, too soon on that.
I am also trying to go to bed earlier this week. I'm aiming for 11 each night for at least two weeks. Then I'll go back to 10:30. I need more sleep. I know that will help.
I'm also cutting back sweets. Not cutting them off, not going too drastic. But weaning somewhat. I did cut chocolate completely. Well, not completely cut off. I like chocolate, plain chocolate. Candy bars, chocolate chips, that kind of chocolate. Well, I like any kind, but that's what I'm into right now. And I can't stop with just a tiny bit, so I'm cutting it completely. (okay, rambling again, sigh) But I am not going to cut other "sweets" immediately. For instance, we had cake for dessert last night. I had a smaller piece than normal, but I still had some.
I know me, and if I think I am being deprived right off the bat, I'm going to quit.
So, slow and steady, slow and steady. I'm making small steps, but I'm going to keep making them this time.

I will do this! I know that with the help of friends, and most importantaly God's help, I can do this.

So, today I'm thinking positively!! Yay!! Small steps!

**Yay!! I drank 70 oz of water today. I drank coffee, and a half glass of tea. Progress!!**


Mr. and Mrs. B said...

YAY for small steps!!!!!!!!!!

Erica said...

That is such a smart way to go about this. I tend to do the "dive in full force then quit two weeks later" thing.

I'm going to copy you and start thinking positive and take small steps! :-)