Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 23 of 90: David came alive!

2 Samuel 22 is a beautiful chapter. David is just pouring his heart out to the Lord. I love how he switches between talking about God and talking to Him.
While reading this passage, I felt like David was someone I knew. He came alive for me. He was so real. And I realized that he was a man, with feelings and thoughts just like any other man. But he turned to the Lord for his strength. He leaned on the Lord when he was weak. He held onto God when there was nothing else to hang on to.
He was human, sinfully so, but he was a man who wanted God so desperately that he was willing to follow Him always.
I can now picture David leaping and dancing in the streets when the ark came back to Jerusalem. I can see David's sorrow when his infant son died, when any of his children died or betrayed him. He was a real live, breathing, walking, talking, dancing, loving human being. And he loved the Lord with all that he was.

I pray that one day I will love the Lord with that kind of abandon, above all else, no matter what anyone else thinks, love God with all my heart, soul, mind, strength. Thank you Lord, for loving me.


Susan said...

Wonderful post! :)

Michelle said...

Love this post! I've enjoyed catching up on your B90D posts. I can't believe I didn't realize they were here. I'm so out of touch!