Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 4 of 90: Go where the grain is.

I have a cold, and am in a not-so-good mood. I thought this morning would be a great time to sit down and read all of my reading for today in one sitting. Something I never did the first time I did B90Days. So I made the boys go outside to play, since it's too hot in the afternoon to do so, and I got my coffee and sat on the porch. Ahhhh, the best of intentions. Yeah, not so much reading going on. But such is life with three young children. I am actually ahead in my reading so I still have time to get more read today.
But the best part is, being in God's Word every day helps me get over my bad moods faster and helps me deal with the boys in a calmer, more patient way. Yay!

So, onto my  SOAP from MomsToolbox  for day 4, Genesis 40-50.

Scripture:  Genesis 42:2 He continued, "I have heard that there is grain in Egypt. Go down there and buy some for us, so that we may live and not die."

Observation:  Jacob, very wisely, pointed out that Egypt is where the grain is. There is no grain in Canaan. You have to go where the grain is in order to have enough to eat.

Application:  "Go where the grain is", it seems so simple and yet, how often I miss it. If I want to be fed, I have to get food. I can't just make it materialize where I stand. I have to actually go where the food is and get some for me and my family. It requires action on my part.
The same is true of God's Word. If I don't read it, it doesn't feed me. I have to actually get my Bible out and read it for it to mean anything to me. I can read all the commentaries I want, I can listen to sermons all day long, but I won't get truly fed until I pick up my Bible and read it. While there may be kernels of truth in a sermon or a commentary, there is no substitute for the whole meal you can find in the Bible.

Prayer:  Lord, I love You. I love reading Your Word. It is the only thing that shows me who You really are. Help me, father, to be hungry for more of Your Word. I want more of Your Word, so I may live and not die. Amen.

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