Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 37 of 90

Job. Now that's a name. I think we all know the name Job. I have this idea in my head about who Job was and what his story is all about. But it's what I've heard others talk about. And now that I'm 23 chapters in, I still don't always get it. I mean, I get that he was a good man, and God allowed Satan to mess with him. But when Job's friends come along, I never got that they were saying he deserved it.
I really want to spend some more time in this book. I can't right now, but later, when I'm through with this challenge, I can go back.
A-ha! The beauty of the Bible in 90 Days Challenge, going back and digging in once you're done. I love it! This makes me want to dig in and get more and more of His Word! Awesome!

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Andrea said...

Thank you for your encouragement on this journey. I am completely caught up! Wahoo!

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