Friday, August 6, 2010

Just me

Just me tonight. I'm still a bit stressed, not as bad as yesterday. My dad is still in the hospital. It looks like there's definitely something going on with his heart. The docs want to check it out thoroughly. He hasn't had some of these test since before his bypass surgery so there could be a lot different. For now, he's stuck in the hospital until they can get the tests run. With it being a weekend, it's possible he'll be there until next week. We'll see. In the meantime, we pray.

We did Frog's birthday tonight. We're a very low-key family. Birthday's are just us, those of us who live in the house. So I've been busy today. I went to the store for last minute stuff this morning. Then I came home and made a cake. The kids ate lunch, I waited for a phone call about dad. Hub ran some errands and did yard work. He also went to the neighbor's funeral. Then I made dinner and Frog opened presents. Then cake and ice cream. The end.
It was nice. He did ask me to make sure I took plenty of pictures to show Poppa when he got home. The older two boys keep asking if Poppa is going to die. With Hub's mom dying not long ago, and with the neighbor dying, it's on their minds. And it worries them. This touched so close. Being that we live with Nanny and Poppa, they have developed very close relationships with them, much closer than with their other grandparents. And they would have a hard time if something did happen to Poppa.

So, anyway, forgive me for not making a post about my Bible reading. My plan is to make it my first priority for tomorrow. I'm praying.

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