Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 55 of 90: Ha!

So, let's back up a bit, shall we? Thursday, Day 53, I went to bed so happy because I was finally caught up with my reading. And then God said, "Ha!"
Then He stuck out His tongue and said, "thbpthbpthbpthbpth..."

Well, at least it felt like it.  ;)
Ahhh, the best of intentions. I got to the soccer field at 5:00 yesterday afternoon. I had read about a chapter of the day's reading but that was all. However, I was so looking forward to that glorious hour of sitting alone with my Bible while Frog was practicing. No question would I be able to finish my reading. I was ready. And it was a beautiful afternoon. The weather was just perfect. No so hot that I was sweating, and just a slight breeze that was refreshing. Yes.

I read a couple more chapters before the phone rang. It was my mother. I knew immediately that something was up. My first thought was dad. I thought she was calling to say something happened and she had to take him to the hospital, so I needed to get home fast. But it wasn't dad. It was Monkey. He had managed to stick something up his nose. He's done that once before and we were able to get it out. This time, mom said she couldn't get it and she thought it was metal so she didn't want to mess around too much.
So I called the pediatrician and they said to come on in. I rushed home with a very unhappy Frog. It was only his first practice and he didn't want to leave. Hub got home around the same time as I did and we put a few things together and rushed to the doctor's office. In the 40 minute car ride we managed to imagine every worst case scenario possible while Monkey slept. A parent's mind can wander all over the place when their child isn't 100%.

Turns out, the doctor was plenty experienced at removing foreign objects from children's noses. Imagine that! However, he was quite impressed with the size of this object. It was a spacer from Dino's mouth. He had wiggled it loose, and for some unfathomable reason, when he handed it to me, I just put it beside my keyboard and forgot about it. But ewwwwww, it was pretty gross coming out of Monkey's nose. And he's fine now, but it definitely changed the evening around here.

So, I didn't finish all my reading yesterday. I'm done now, but I didn't finish all of today's. Today we celebrated Dino's 8th birthday. So I've been wrapping presents and making a cake all day.

But I'm not upset. I can feel the Lord's presence. He is in control here. And I'm trying to not panic. I am trying to find what He wants me to find out of each day. And it's okay if I don't read X amount of pages. It's all about Him. I feel close to Him. So being behind a few pages is okay.
Anyway, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday I have to sit on the football field for 2 hours and another hour again at the soccer field on Friday. That's 7 hours of quiet alone time I'll have next week for reading. I'll make it up.

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